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One of the most stunning cities within Bulgaria is Varna. It is the biggest metropolis in Northern Bulgaria and on the Black marine coast. It's the third largest city in Bulgaria. It is also the seaport town together with population a lot more than 360 thousands of people. It is usually called the sea capital of Bulgaria.

Compared to the majority of the capitals within Europe living costs in Sofia will be well underneath the average. Still, the quality of food is exceptional and you will enjoy delicious meals that you could hardly find at any other vacation spot in The european union.

The Balkan Peninsula may be defined as a place of southern eastern European countries surrounded by water upon three factors: the Adriatic Marine to the west, the Mediterranean Sea including the Ionian as well as Aegean seas towards the south and the African american Sea to the east. Its northern border is often offered as the Danube, Sava as well as Kupa rivers.

Semkovo is found on the Rila hill sregion. The town, Belitsa is found 17 kilometres from Smkovo. There is a pine woodland surrounding the holiday resort. The Recreation area of the dance bears is one of the most visited areas in Semkovo. You'll find hotel accommodations including Chalet Semkovo and Hotel Rila. Semkovo provides 7 snowboarding runs. The entire length of the ski runs is actually 4 kilometers. The ski runs are available in different level of difficulty. You will find 8 lug lifts. The particular slopes are perfect and are preserved every day. Both ski pistes may be found in Semkovo, and Orline web site. The Semkovo skiing piste has a period of 400 yards. There are two ski pistes in Orline. The first ski piste features a length of 400 meters even though the second one has a length of 1100 meters.

Borovets is probably the biggest mountain resorts inside Bulgaria. It is at an level of 1300 meters on the north slopes of Rila Mountain, some 70 kilometres away from Sofia, roughly 130 kilometres from Plovdiv, and also 10 kilometers south of Samokov. cheap bulgaria holidays The average heat in January, the coldest month, is about +4,8A° C.Having its closeness for the capital city and its particular pleasant environment - awesome and fresh summer and incredibly snowy winter - the place is the perfect place to go for people who love to spend their holidays within the mountain.

Bulgaria is the largest manufacturer of rose oil in Europe, and also this event is crucial see if you are visiting the region during the spring. Tons of increased petals tend to be hand-picked during a extremely short period associated with just a few times, and there are numerous parades, competitions for that "Rose Queen", folklore dancing shows as well as other events.